zondag 12 juli 2009

the last trouble

I still haven't decide: Deviantart or Flickr?
You must think ' what the hell does she worry about?'
I have to say that I think Deviantart is more for young people, like me, showing up their photographs and stuff. And I think Flickr has more adult users? Or am I wrong? The only thing I don't like is that in Deviantart photos are shown so small, or can you change that??

Oh yeah, tomorrow at 3 am I'm going to the airport so, probably you won't hear anything from me until the end of July! Have a nice time!

donderdag 9 juli 2009

Flickr versus Deviantart

Today's issue: Flickr and Deviantart

I've been thinking about starting a Flickr or Deviantart page to display my photographs and to get feedback, and these two communities are the most popular ones as far as I know.
I want to show my photos to other people and I also want to be inspirated by other users. I don't know which one is the best for me. In my personal opinion, the quality of photos on Flickr is a lot better than Deviantart, and photos are shown in very small size on Deviantart, I think. On the other hand, I've read that you get more feedback on Deviantart...
I do not say that Deviantart is bad nor good, but I still don't know which one to take.

Have you got Deviantart or Flickr? If so, what are the pro's and contra's?
I would appreciate your opinions!

At least I want to say thank you to all of you, for following my blog over the past few months. I've got over 30 followers now and I'm really thankfull for that!
Keep following my blog guys!

woensdag 8 juli 2009

puppy love

Hi guys!
I'm so happy the last few days, becauseeeee... we've got a puppy!
There was a woman passing by who cares for abandonated dogs, with the intention to give them a new, better home. She's now carrying 18 dogs, all left on the street or poisoned and dropped anywhere. So, she passed by and asked my parents if we weren't interested in a dog, and we were. We have thought about it for a long time, so we would definately take another dog. Later, she brought a dog which my parents liked on the pictures (she had some photos to show us) and we could try if there wouldn't any problem with our other dog, because he is a little agressive to other dogs (to other people he isn't ;) ) and so we did. In the beginning a little bit difficult but soon we saw it wouldn't be a problem anymore, and we took the puppy :D
He is sooooo lovely!

vrijdag 3 juli 2009

summer wishlist

Summerfeelings all over the place! Although, it doesn't make me as happy as I wished. I don't know why, but I really don't feel like I'm on holidays (well, I'm not on holidays, but school's out, so...). Maybe because I'm living in a country where the weather is beautiful most of the time. I'm sure my summerfeelings will come when I'll arrive in Ghent haha. I know, Belgium is such a rainy country, however the weather is pretty good there now! I'm going to my hometown for 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to it! There are only 10 days left and I'll be gone (:
I already know it will be a great time spending with my friends and -of course- a lot of shopping! It's been months since I've bought some new clothes, such a shame xD

I made a little summer wishlist from the H&M store, which is one of my favourites. I also love Zara and Bershka, which are a lot cheaper in Spain, because they are Spanish brands -also Mango- maybe the only thing I like about living here ;p

Aaaand, I decided to keep on blogging (:
Meanwhile I also made a brand new header, which looks a bit too small, now I can see it here^
I'm not totally happy with it. What do yóu think about it?

And one last question: Did you ever purchase from an online clothing shop (like asos.com or any other shop)? I was wondering how you experienced this because I'm always like looking on those sites without the intention to buy anything, buuut...

donderdag 2 juli 2009

bigger than heaven

Hi guys! I have to say that I'm a bit bored with blogging and ehm, I was thinking to stop for a while, but I haven't decided yet. So, if you readers like my blog comment me and maybe that will make a difference ;)
I don't know, my inspiration is totally gone and, I often got other things to do.
But today I'll write you a little piece about Max Factor.

So, I saw the advertisement in a flyer of Kruidvat, a drugstore you can find in Belgium, and it said: Max Factor mascaras --> 1+1 for free! I was just looking for a new mascara, as mine isn't that good (cheap label) and dried out a bit. After days of reading reviews, watching mascara review/results on youtube and a lot of thinking (yes, I know it's kinda silly what I'm doing xD) I concluded there were 3 mascaras that got good reviews. There were 2 Max Factor's and 1 Maybelline, but I definately wasn't sure about which one I would buy. As I saw the advertisement, I thought: ''why not?'' and asked my best friend, who lives in Belgium though, to get the Max Factor False Lash Effect and the Masterpiece. In case there wouldn't be any Masterpiece left, I suggested her 2 other mascaras she could get. Normally, the FLE costs about 16 or 17 euros, what's quite expensive in my opinion, but this one got such good reviews that I really want to try it! Let's hope they'll work (:

Also, I made a few pictures in my new garden:

see you soon