vrijdag 27 maart 2009


Hi guys!
I'm going to Rome for 6 days with my class so I won't write on my blog for a while.
I'm soooo excited, I haven't even made my suitcase yet and I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 8 'o clock! It's the first time I'm going by plane, so that's even more exciting! I'll write you a large post when I'm back...

Have a nice week!

zaterdag 21 maart 2009

tonight the light is dancing in your eyes

Reus shopping results:

oversized cardigan zara tops zara leather legging 393 skirt zara

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

birthday card

Hi guys; it's been a while, I know! I was quite busy with school and I often forgot to write on my blog. I've been working on a new header, so there he is (: What do you think? My mother wants me to make a birthday card for my grandmother, who celebrates her 70-i-don't-know-how-many years on March 24(or was it 25?). Doesn't matter, I have to create something. I was thinking of making a card like this: putting a photo of me, my brother and my parents on it, but the problem is I don't have a photo like that. So another option is a photo of some great flowers, because she loves that. And of course some retouching with Photoshop, so that the colours will look a bit more beautiful. Actually, I really don't know how to make it something original and fun! If anyone can help me, you're free to write a comment! Thanks a lot.

woensdag 11 maart 2009

crafts to die for

Just found some new crafts while surfing the internet this afternoon. Since the beginning of my craft-making-addiction, I've been adding a little more than 100 (!) how-to's and crafty ideas to my Bookmarks. And I have to admit, it drives me crazy every time I see them. The idea that pops into my head, that I won't be able to make them all, or that I won't find the time...it's just too overwhelming. But I can't stop my love for crafts anyhow! I just keep adding them to the list. My intention was to start as soon as possible, but I haven't got the materials yet. I knoooow, how many times did I tell you thát, you probably think: 'Why don't you just get them and stop talking about it!'. But it isn't that simple when you live in a tiny village like this. I know a very good shop where they sell all kinds of craftmaking supplies like paper, cardboard, scrapbooking things, felt, stuff for making jewelry and so on. I'm sure I'll find there all I need, I suppose. I'm going to that shop in April, so I can't start crafting before I'm back in Spain.
Okay, here are some crafts I thought were fun to make:

-Pencil Roll And Art Bag from whip up
-Chandelier Ornament from cheeky magpie
-Bounding Bunnypins from allsorts (easter tip!)
-Matchbook Notebooks from greetingarts
-Best Bunnies from purlbee
-Jewelry Wrap from AfricanKelli
-Fabric Covered Buttons from How About Orange
-Free Printable Valentine Teabag Wrappers + Tags from Creature Comforts
-Fabric Covered Knobs from Nesting Blog

maandag 9 maart 2009

spring feelings*

You can read/hear/see it everywhere: we want spring!
In many countries, winter doesn't seem to have finished yet; the other more sunny ones are luckier. Here in Spain for example. Where I'm living, in the north-east of Spain, spring is already in the air. Actually, there wasn't that much to see of the winter. Maybe a few cold days but not many. We hadn't had snow or much rain and this gives you quite a spring feeling, isn't it? At least it makes you feel less depressive (if I can use that word) then in winter! It's time to think about the spring/summer collections that are already in the shops, waiting for us, haha. I'll definately buy some new tops, shirts and skirts when I'm going to Belgium in Easter holidays. Oh, I saw a lot of cool Easter crafts to make on Martha Stewart's site. You really have to take a look at her site, she has great ideas for making all kinds of crafts, inspiration and organizing for home and garden, loads of recipes [cakes & cookies highly recommended!], interesting stuff for all holiday occasions and even a Pets part. Add this one to your favourites!

I have some exercises for Spanish and History to do, so I leave you here.

Enjoy Spring!

vrijdag 6 maart 2009

bedroom inspiration

Pictures I'm adding to my inspiration book today. Romantic, cottage, country and contemporary bedroomstyles to inspire myself and all of you.

a modern one^

I haven't found out how I want to furnish my new bedroom yet. Since I did some research on the internet, I became more interested in the romantic/vintage style. But, I would like to add some modern touches. Seems a bit difficult to combinate those two... Ideas are always welcome.

donderdag 5 maart 2009

h&m inspiration♥

spring/summer collection by h&m

maandag 2 maart 2009

carnival in camarles

Yesterday, the 1st of March, it was carnival in Camarles. My parents wanted to see at least something of it, so they called their Dutch friends to meet in the village. To Spanish customs, everything gets a large delay, and so was it with carnival. We saw in a local magazine that the parade started at 3 o'clock; on a poster in the village was written 4 o'clock and on the internet they put 5 o'clock. What an organization. So we didn't know what hour was the right one and we met in the village at 4 o'clock. Unfortunately the parade started at 5.30 pm and there wasn't much to see. Well, we didn't expect that much of this little village but just a líttle bit more ;p A few children were dressed as ghosts and cowboys and there came on just one carnivals car. After the 'parade' we went along to our Dutch friends's house for a coffee and we returned home at 6.30 pm. It seemed like my parents had forgotten that I still had to learn for my math exam! As I arrived home, I immediately installed myself at my desk and started studying again. My exam went good, very good I think. Last night my mum cooked fideua, a typical dish of this region. It's like vermicelli pastas with shrimps, shells and other sorts of seafood. I don't like it that much, so my mum put a 'ready-to-put-in-the-oven'-maccaroni on table (: