woensdag 8 juli 2009

puppy love

Hi guys!
I'm so happy the last few days, becauseeeee... we've got a puppy!
There was a woman passing by who cares for abandonated dogs, with the intention to give them a new, better home. She's now carrying 18 dogs, all left on the street or poisoned and dropped anywhere. So, she passed by and asked my parents if we weren't interested in a dog, and we were. We have thought about it for a long time, so we would definately take another dog. Later, she brought a dog which my parents liked on the pictures (she had some photos to show us) and we could try if there wouldn't any problem with our other dog, because he is a little agressive to other dogs (to other people he isn't ;) ) and so we did. In the beginning a little bit difficult but soon we saw it wouldn't be a problem anymore, and we took the puppy :D
He is sooooo lovely!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohh zo zalig! :D
    ik heb ook een puppy ;) alléja, eignlijk is die nu al 1 jaar oud, maar toch beschouw ik die nog als mijn puppy'tje, want die is zo schattig ^^.

    Wooow, hoe heb je jouw hondje genoemd? :)
    echt een mooitje ;)


  2. ooooh zo schattig ! :D
    hoe heet ie ?

    ik wil al heeeel graag een hondje maar wij zijn heel vaak niet thuis, dus dat is niet zo eerlijk tegenover het hondje ;(

  3. ohh, leuke naam :)
    het lijkt echt een schatje! :D

  4. The dog is cute and I hope have like that too

  5. Super Cute!!!

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