donderdag 2 juli 2009

bigger than heaven

Hi guys! I have to say that I'm a bit bored with blogging and ehm, I was thinking to stop for a while, but I haven't decided yet. So, if you readers like my blog comment me and maybe that will make a difference ;)
I don't know, my inspiration is totally gone and, I often got other things to do.
But today I'll write you a little piece about Max Factor.

So, I saw the advertisement in a flyer of Kruidvat, a drugstore you can find in Belgium, and it said: Max Factor mascaras --> 1+1 for free! I was just looking for a new mascara, as mine isn't that good (cheap label) and dried out a bit. After days of reading reviews, watching mascara review/results on youtube and a lot of thinking (yes, I know it's kinda silly what I'm doing xD) I concluded there were 3 mascaras that got good reviews. There were 2 Max Factor's and 1 Maybelline, but I definately wasn't sure about which one I would buy. As I saw the advertisement, I thought: ''why not?'' and asked my best friend, who lives in Belgium though, to get the Max Factor False Lash Effect and the Masterpiece. In case there wouldn't be any Masterpiece left, I suggested her 2 other mascaras she could get. Normally, the FLE costs about 16 or 17 euros, what's quite expensive in my opinion, but this one got such good reviews that I really want to try it! Let's hope they'll work (:

Also, I made a few pictures in my new garden:

see you soon

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ohh dankje om me te informeren over die mascara's, kmoet duidelijk eens het kruidvat binnenspringen!

    en ik zou het jammer vinden moest je stoppen met je blog, maar het blijft jouw keuze :)

  2. ik hoop dat je niet stopt met schrijven in je blog! maar mss is een pauze eens nodig voor inspiratie enzo..

    Ik hoop dat de mascara goed is, anders zou het wel jammer zijn. Maar aangezien het zo'n goede reviews heeft zal da wel goed zijn(;

  3. mooie foto's! En, NIET stoppen met jouw blog ;o.
    Echt niet doen hè: ). Bijna spanjeeee! xxx

  4. Hello I'm from Brazil and I'm looking for new friends, even from far away ... I loved your blog very beautiful ... congratulations ... ... bjos Felipe and Mom ...