zaterdag 31 januari 2009

weekend feelings

2 days of being free from school and all the stress. Well, if you don't have to learn anything for school. For Monday there's nothing planned and Tuesday I've got a test for French. I'm good at it, so it won't be difficult. I'm busy this week searching for images of 'bedroom design', like pictures of bedrooms that are decored beautifully and so on. I like looking at them but I also need them as a form of inspiration, when we will move to our new house (it won't take a long anymore) and I will get a new room. So, my new bedroom has to look pretty. That's why I'm looking for inspirational pic's and I enjoy it :)
Already found some nice one's:

search: Getty Images
This are just some nice images and of course I'm going to give my room my own 'touch'. (some of these pictures aren't even the style that my bedroom will be, but...)
Enjoy your weekend!

woensdag 28 januari 2009

barcelona barcelona

Yesterday I didn't post anything because I was home at 9 pm, later than expected (I wrote that I was going to be home at 8.30 pm). The excursion to Barcelona wasn't bad at all. It was fun, really. After a 2-hour trip in the bus, we arrived at TV3. When we entered the building, we had to pass our bagage to be sure there was nothing 'dangerous' in it. Of course there wasn't, I'm a good girl hea. We didn't even get a little tour in the building, that was what I expected we were going to do there, but we had to go immediately to the studios. The programme we were going to attend was 'Club', a mix of talkshow-short pieces of local news-a special guest-some cooking-etc.
One episode is of 2 hours' duration and that's quite long, as you have to sit there quietly, in total silence. But we all went on TV, so everybody's happy :)
It was 'live', so my mum and dad recorded the episode for me. Actually, I hate seeing myself on TV or anywhere else in public, and they know that. I suppose they were having fun looking at their daughter themselves.
Because of all this, I'm very tired today. I wasn't able to functionate well at school.

maandag 26 januari 2009

vintage art;

I was searching for 'vintage art' at google when I found these cute images. Vintage is a term that I'm using very often, although there' s not that much 'vintage' in my own style. Nowadays, I like to combinate it with my other clothes, that aren't vintage at all, but good enough to create an abfab outfit. I should take some days off to create, combinate and customize all I ever wanted. Because I always forget, or I don't find the time to do it. Tomorrow I'm going to Barcelona with school to visit TV3, the Catalonian television channel. We have the authorisation to look backstage and stuff. I'm not really looking forward to it. It's about 2 hours to go with the schoolbus, 2 hours to go back and that's the hardest part I think. I don't like long bus trips at all. I'll be back home at 8.30 pm :( We'll see how it goes.

dress, Topshop

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Creepy weblog

Creepy weblog. Some of my pictures are dissapearing; I don't know why.
I tried to upload them again but it doesn't work. So it's possible that you guys don't see a part of my photos, that's a pity.

Today I'm not going to upload some more photos, to prevent them from dissapearing once more.
It's like half a hurricane here in the North of Spain. I guess the palmtrees in our garden won't survive it any longer. The sunshine tries to break trough sometimes and the weather isn't bad at all.
Tonight we have some visitors, like I already told you yesterday and I guess I have to entertain those kids. I haven't got any idea how to do that, actually. But I have still a few hours to think about it. I still haven't taken outfit-pictures.

Oh, the oven says my lasagna is ready!

my pictures are back! I've made a few outfit-pics this afternoon, but I'm not so proud of it. Maybe I'll upload them someday, but not today. I'll leave you with a photo I made in Paris last year.
(oh yeah, the half a hurricane is becoming a real hurricane, as I can see. Ehm, let's hope we'll survive :)

the quality of this picture is much lower than it used to be. [blogspot quality sucks]

vrijdag 23 januari 2009


I don't know what to write today, nothing interesting happened.
Tomorrow evening we've got some visitors and that's it. I'm too tired.


donderdag 22 januari 2009

A Wardrobe Full Of Hairdressers

Me and my wardrobe are in need of some new stuff! And this time it's not only because I want to buy new clothes,no. I really have grown out of my trousers, cardigans and t-shirts. Even my underwear is getting too small. God, how could this ever happen to me. I really haven't thought of the idea that all my clothes are too small when I was picking something out of my wardrobe. You can all say: 'Go and buy some new things', but it isn't that easy if you're living in a creepy little town named L'Ampolla (ever heard about that? Don't think so hea) and for a day of lovely shopping, this isn't the right place. Except some butchers, bakeries and supermarkets you can't spend your day shopping here. Sooo, the only solution is going to a bigger town. Tarragona or Reus are two possibilities, although I have visited Reus a few weeks ago and I didn't find what I was looking for. I've been to Tarragona only once, so maybe I'll go again for some sightseeing, that's all. Why? The number of shops there is also kinda poor.
Barcelona, that's a place where you can do what your heart belongs. For its shops only you will need 3 days, a little bit of wandering dawn the beautiful streets another few days...actually you are spending a whole week there. Why can't I just be there at this moment?! I'm sooo excited to go to Barcelona again. Already visited it 2 times but still not enough I guess.

I've been thinking of changing my hairstyle once more :)
I don't like it anymore and all days are badhairdays. Actually, it's more a badhairmonth-year-century...
Ehm, anyway, there has to be done something about it. Turning back to my former hairdo was my first thought. I'm still considering about it
, although my mum keeps saying that it does my face look thicker and blahblah...
Dad asked me if I want to cut his hair tonight. He makes me feel like I'm a professional hairdresser with those questions, but I'm sure I'm not. It seems that he likes the way I cut it, it's the 3rd time he askes me. So, he might be happy with the result. Tonight I haven't got enough time anymore, so it'll be for tomorrow. I would like to post some pictures of my outfits, but I haven't made any yet.
Tomorrow a new post!


woensdag 21 januari 2009


Just created this set on
It's fun to do, and inspiring for all of you.


Emma and the deer

Since I've started blogging, I always forgot to write down some things. So I have to remember those things for the next day.
As a Christmas/New Year's present I received a cute little deer (not a real one of course) from my best friend Lola. It is supposed to hang in a Christmas tree, but because we don't have one at home this year, I decided to put him at my wardrobe's door.

The book I'm reading for school, titled 'Emma', makes me feel like I'm living in the 13th century or something. It's sooo boring. I picked out that one because I was immediately fascinated by its cover [It looks a little vintage, I think.]. But you can't always count on that. I never read a book by Jane Austen before, and it's not my intention to do that again in the future. The good news is that I only have a few pages to read.
And last but not least I wanted to show you my last purchase: a short black dress from Pull&Bear.

dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Sunny days in denim

I finally got my boots back, which I brought to the shoemaker last weekend. Actually it didn't take so long to get them back, but I already missed them. I thought of wearing my Victoria's today, so I did. I don't know if one of you has those shoes, but they really smell a bit weird. I put them outside for a few days and I have to admit that it got a little bit better, but not too much. In fact, nobody cares. So what am I complaining about?

Today it was sunny, about 15 degrees and I could see a bright blue sky. I tried to take some pictures of it but the views from my garden aren't that stunning. I should go to a better place if I really want to picture those surroundings. That's for next time.
Oh yeah, I'm pretty proud of my selfmade header.
I guess you have been waiting too long for my photographs!

maandag 19 januari 2009

Here we go.

Hi people,
My name is Zoë, I'm 15 years old and a Belgian by origin. Me and my family moved to Spain in September 2008 and now my life is a little bit at sixes and sevens.
From now on, you can all read my personal blog. Or what it's meant to be.
With the intention to update regularly, I'm already enjoying blogging :)
I would like to keep a small diary here which will contain my daily experiences [I know how fascinating they are] and I also want to share my photographs, creations, fashion desired items and recent purchases.

Hope you will enjoy reading/looking.