maandag 2 maart 2009

carnival in camarles

Yesterday, the 1st of March, it was carnival in Camarles. My parents wanted to see at least something of it, so they called their Dutch friends to meet in the village. To Spanish customs, everything gets a large delay, and so was it with carnival. We saw in a local magazine that the parade started at 3 o'clock; on a poster in the village was written 4 o'clock and on the internet they put 5 o'clock. What an organization. So we didn't know what hour was the right one and we met in the village at 4 o'clock. Unfortunately the parade started at 5.30 pm and there wasn't much to see. Well, we didn't expect that much of this little village but just a líttle bit more ;p A few children were dressed as ghosts and cowboys and there came on just one carnivals car. After the 'parade' we went along to our Dutch friends's house for a coffee and we returned home at 6.30 pm. It seemed like my parents had forgotten that I still had to learn for my math exam! As I arrived home, I immediately installed myself at my desk and started studying again. My exam went good, very good I think. Last night my mum cooked fideua, a typical dish of this region. It's like vermicelli pastas with shrimps, shells and other sorts of seafood. I don't like it that much, so my mum put a 'ready-to-put-in-the-oven'-maccaroni on table (:

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  1. ooh, I hate sea food! Maybe it's a little bit childish, but I just can't eat it. My parents say that I should, because it's good for eyes, brain and blah blah blah...;D

  2. thanks!:)
    It's good that in Lithuania it's colder, I'll have more time for preparing!;D Anyway, I've almost started my get-beautiful programme. almost...;D

  3. haha - op de foto's ziet het er best gezellig uit.. maar dat viel tegen dus (A) fijn dat je wiskunde goed ging!

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