maandag 9 maart 2009

spring feelings*

You can read/hear/see it everywhere: we want spring!
In many countries, winter doesn't seem to have finished yet; the other more sunny ones are luckier. Here in Spain for example. Where I'm living, in the north-east of Spain, spring is already in the air. Actually, there wasn't that much to see of the winter. Maybe a few cold days but not many. We hadn't had snow or much rain and this gives you quite a spring feeling, isn't it? At least it makes you feel less depressive (if I can use that word) then in winter! It's time to think about the spring/summer collections that are already in the shops, waiting for us, haha. I'll definately buy some new tops, shirts and skirts when I'm going to Belgium in Easter holidays. Oh, I saw a lot of cool Easter crafts to make on Martha Stewart's site. You really have to take a look at her site, she has great ideas for making all kinds of crafts, inspiration and organizing for home and garden, loads of recipes [cakes & cookies highly recommended!], interesting stuff for all holiday occasions and even a Pets part. Add this one to your favourites!

I have some exercises for Spanish and History to do, so I leave you here.

Enjoy Spring!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm happy, that You'll visit Belgium!:)
    And yeees, girls just can't wait to go shopping!.. I decided to buy lots of skirts/dresses, because they perfectly fit with spring and summer!:)

  2. ooh. i rly hate winter. can´t wait for spring.
    want to wear dresses and skirts too. xD

  3. I totally agree - I'm so ready for spring! And big, gorgeous, yellow flowers!

  4. I have a defy (?) for you here:

    I hope you understand my translation, and I understand completely, if you don't want to do it :)


  5. I so agree with you! Winter just has no purpose for me.