vrijdag 6 maart 2009

bedroom inspiration

Pictures I'm adding to my inspiration book today. Romantic, cottage, country and contemporary bedroomstyles to inspire myself and all of you.

a modern one^

I haven't found out how I want to furnish my new bedroom yet. Since I did some research on the internet, I became more interested in the romantic/vintage style. But, I would like to add some modern touches. Seems a bit difficult to combinate those two... Ideas are always welcome.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. die laatste foto is zo wijs (:
    zo met een ouderwets bad enzo !
    als ik mijn kamer opnieuw zou verven of iets mee doen, dan zou ik het simpel wit houden, da's handig voor licht en foto's (:
    maar als je zo vintage wilt, zou ik een lichte tint van een kleur nemen ofzo ;p of zo bloemetjes behang !

  2. Love them all. However, I prefer the 4th - it's colourful, girly and warm also:)
    But in the photo there's just a small part of room, so maybe it doesn't look so good...;D

  3. Aww these are such beautiful images! I love the one with the white fireplace and the details in the second last photo (but probably not the olden day bathtub haha).

  4. beautiful. de tweede en de vierde vind ik het leukst. ik heb zin om weer eens een kamer in te richten! :)

  5. nee hoor ;D ik had die foto gewoon getrokke voor de schaduw van die boom op het huis :] x

  6. Hih, thank you! I like those jeans to, 'cause they are like tights :)


  7. I'm so freaking in love with the two first bed. amazing!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    I posted something new !


  8. Wow, I love white on white - it's so classic. And charming.

    Let us know what you end up doing!

  9. hi..really love all the images.exactly what i'm looking for. I am also busy doisng some research for my new bedroom and i want to have vintage,rustic but with modern touch.
    if you have more inspirations please let me know.
    thank you..