woensdag 11 maart 2009

crafts to die for

Just found some new crafts while surfing the internet this afternoon. Since the beginning of my craft-making-addiction, I've been adding a little more than 100 (!) how-to's and crafty ideas to my Bookmarks. And I have to admit, it drives me crazy every time I see them. The idea that pops into my head, that I won't be able to make them all, or that I won't find the time...it's just too overwhelming. But I can't stop my love for crafts anyhow! I just keep adding them to the list. My intention was to start as soon as possible, but I haven't got the materials yet. I knoooow, how many times did I tell you thát, you probably think: 'Why don't you just get them and stop talking about it!'. But it isn't that simple when you live in a tiny village like this. I know a very good shop where they sell all kinds of craftmaking supplies like paper, cardboard, scrapbooking things, felt, stuff for making jewelry and so on. I'm sure I'll find there all I need, I suppose. I'm going to that shop in April, so I can't start crafting before I'm back in Spain.
Okay, here are some crafts I thought were fun to make:

-Pencil Roll And Art Bag from whip up
-Chandelier Ornament from cheeky magpie
-Bounding Bunnypins from allsorts (easter tip!)
-Matchbook Notebooks from greetingarts
-Best Bunnies from purlbee
-Jewelry Wrap from AfricanKelli
-Fabric Covered Buttons from How About Orange
-Free Printable Valentine Teabag Wrappers + Tags from Creature Comforts
-Fabric Covered Knobs from Nesting Blog

6 opmerkingen:

  1. ja mirjan haar foto's zijn zooo geweldig (:

    leuk dat je gaat verhuizen ! waar je nu woont was maar tijdelijk ofzo ? da's wel wijs eh, als er al zo'n tekening op de muur staat enzo! : D

  2. Whaa, allemaal zo leuk om te maken ö
    Maar tegen al dat werk zie ik wel op :D
    Mss in de vakantie is, want er zitte echt keileuke tussen! :) x

  3. jaa inderdaad >< maar vandaag was het echt zo'n lenteweer! ;D x

  4. They all are so cute! I love Jewelery Wrap and Pencil Roll And Art Bag:)
    Have You already decided with which craft You'll start?

  5. Oh, some of these seem quite fabulous!

  6. ontzetteeend leuk! ben benieuwd of het lukt! wel het resultaat posten he! :)