donderdag 30 april 2009

Even my biggest excuses would be unbelievable. My inspiration is just totally gone this week. Nothing special happened, or do I just live in a boring world? I don't know, but today it's time for a new piece of blogart.

I've got a day off today, and tomorrow I also don't have to go to school because it's the 1st of May. Actually, I have a big test for Latin and Maths, what I schould learn today, but I'm just sick of the idea of learning these days. Not that I had much to learn the past few weeks, but I don't like it. Who does xD?
Anyway, I'm getting stressed because I know I have to learn, and I'm not doing it at all. Help!
Some photographs I made this week with my selftimer (:

6 opmerkingen:

  1. jeeej een blog :D
    heel leuke foto's !

  2. nice shoesss :)
    spain is lovely, i just came back from there like 2 hours ago haha i want to go back though. The wasther is so lovely, I am extremely jealous of you!

  3. wauuuw dankjewel :'D schattige outfit!

  4. Ooh haha, zalige foto's ^^
    Haha bij mij is het gwn hetzelfde:
    1) niet zoveel inspiratie enz meer..
    2) echt geen zin meer om te werke! maar wij hebbe juist de laatste weke gwn te veel werk ^^

    Ahja.. Op naar de grote vakantie, zouk zou zegge! (: