dinsdag 14 april 2009

It's like it's been a 100 years without writing anything on my blog! I have been to Rome, as you could read in my last post, and when I came back I immediately had to leave again, because me and my family were going to Belgium for the whole week. I've been back in Spain since last night and today I had to go to school again! Buuuut, it's time to entertain you.

My trip to Rome; I had a nice time, not too fantastic, but not that bad. The bad thing about schooltrips is that you have to visit loads of famous buildings and all that stuff while you want to spend your time doing funnier things, like shopping. But every day our teachers gave us like 6 hours or more of FREEDOM, so time to shop till you drop and some sightseeing. I bought an 'I <3 Roma' sweater by the way ;)
Ehm, I guess you would like to see some of the photos I've taken?

Some of you were waiting for my blog to read and I hope they were not expecting to much? Because My inspiration is already gone, you know...
Ehm, oh yeah; That week in Belgium was amaaaaazing! I spend most of my days being with my best friend, Lola and we had a lot of fun together. I also planned a few hours to meet my friends from my old school and we went for a little walk and talked about what happened the last few months. I really want to go back to Belgium in summer holidays, so I'm thinking of going by plane for a 2-week trip to Ghent, my hometown. I don't even have to pay it my own, my parents are so kind to pay it for me.
If I'm not going in July, it would take a long time without seeing anyone of my family or friends, except if they would come here. But it will be so much easier when we have our own house; now we're still stuck in this little house we're renting. But not for too long! Normally, we're moving the first week of June!
Do I really sound that happy? Well, I'm not... I want to go back to everyone I know, and I don't want to be here feeling lonely and unhappy. I often think: 'Why can't I turn back time, and act like there didn't happen anything in my life. Life would be so much easier and funnier, life would be normal! What the hell am I dóing here?'

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  1. Zoë, it was really fun with you wednesday! I don't know how it feels like to move to another country; but I understand you, really. just know that we will (is that correct xD?) always be there for you! ily! x

  2. de eerste foto is echt prachtig !
    kvind jammer da je je familie en vrienden zo hard mist. Maar dat begrijp ik, da's helemaal logisch natuurlijk (;

  3. dankjewel (: ja kvind da ook leuk :D

  4. Yeah, eindelijk een nieuwe post! ;)
    Ooh wauw 6uur freedom! Das toch wel al veel, voor met school te zijn! ^^
    En ooh, kvind het echt erg voor jou dat je iedereen mist enz..
    Heb je eignlijk al leuke mensen in Spanje ontmoet? Of sucken die spanjaarden gewoon? ^^

  5. eindelijkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :'D ooooh ik wil naar rome! haha, ik ga in de zomervakantie naar italië maar niet naar rome iguess :] leuk dat je weer trug bent x

  6. Oh, I like those picrures. I want to go abroad to!


  7. wauuuuw dankjewel :'D das echt een veel te lief compliment <3