donderdag 16 april 2009

photographs at grandma's

With Easter we went to my grandparents for dinner and I took some pictures with the absolutely amazing Nikon camera of my uncle! O my gosh, I really want to have such a good thing, you can make the most beautiful photos with it. But, I've got my Sony camera since October, so I can't afford to buy a new one now. My uncle advised me to wait two or three years, because the SLR technology is still developing, and they will get much better. Maybe he's right... Anyway, I'll wait a few years before buying one ;)
Click for optimal quality; blogspot isn't that good for photos xD

9 opmerkingen:

  1. wauuuw, ik wil ook een nikon ;[ de foto met de bloem en die met de wasknijpers vind ik de leukste :] x

  2. Wihh chocolate eggs!! :D Beautiful pictures :)

    Sweet hugs

    Gladys x

  3. Kheb een nikon [: Leuke ftoo's!
    En aahja das wel stom :S Idd, wel normaal :) x

  4. Hi, welcome back!;D
    The quality of pictures is superb and so are them:) I'd like to buy a really good camera, but I'll wait for a few years too - it's amazing how fast everything changes in technologies!
    I hope You had lovely vacation,

  5. Yes, I think I'm really going to visit it (if there won't be a strike like there was last week and the tower didn't work). I'm going to live with a French family, so maybe I'll be able to ask them to show me some interesting places:)
    No, we've got just one week Easter vacation here, in Lithuania and it's a little bit pitty. And what about You? Anyway, summer vacation isn't so far, so we all will be able to relax properly!;D

  6. At school we must learn 2 languages - first one starts in 2nd grade and the second one - in 6th grade. In Lithuania kids usually pick English like their first language, but in our school it's a bit different. I've learnt French for 7 years (now I'm at 8th grade), so I can speak French well. I'm kinda good in languages too, because I can speak French, English (In English I speak better than in French - it's such a shame!;D), Polish (my mum is Polish), Russian (my best childhood friend was Russian, so I learnt it) and in Lithuanian, too.
    And what languages do You speak in? As I've understood, there're many too, because You moved to Spain...

  7. Cześć! Jak się masz? = Hi! How are you?
    I didn't know what to write, so wrote the most popular sentence;D
    Is it hard to change school and start to learn in completely different language?