donderdag 23 april 2009

Sant Jordi

Today, 23 April, it's Sant Jordi. This day is celebrated because Sant Jordi is the patron of Catalonia. At school they organized a lot of activities we could participate in, like karaoke in English, mosaic, composing their own piece of music, sports activities, dishes of the world, etc.
I joined the 'dishes of the world' activity; we had to prepare a dish that is typical for our country, and because I'm from Belgium, I made Belgian chocolate mousse (:
My brother also participated and he made waffles for today. During the break, everyone of our school could taste our dishes, we had more than 20 in total! So, when the bell rang, it was time to attack :p
Surprisingly, the waffles and the chocolate mouse were dissapeared in less than 5 minutes!
People loved it and that was so nice to hear :)
After the break, when al the food was -more or less- eaten, it was time for a 2-hour event. Pupils of the 3rd year prepared a play, after that pupils of the 4th year (me too) played a few songs on the flute (we've been practising for months!) and some other cool things to fill our afternoon with. For me, it was a nice day! Hope you had a nice day too?

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