woensdag 6 mei 2009

the best place in the world is home

interior inspiration

I think this used to be a living room of a cosy apartment, but the owners turned it into an enormous bathroom! A little bit too big, if you ask me, but it gives a very cool impression too.
Focus your attention at the wall design

And of course, a few new crafties for you!

Learn how to make these Balloon Luminaries. A fun and easy project.
For the handy ones, make your own moderne style clock.
Another clock idea: tin letterpress.
For your lost papernotes and lists, this solution to hang them up neatly: kate's tin message board.
Decorate your rooms with these gold leaf river rocks.
Get prepared for everything and start making travel tins for emergency cases! You can fill them with notes, photographs, lots of memories, or even a candle: kate's tin travel candle.
The greatest alternative for your oldfashioned calendar is this perpetual calendar.
Pimp your ugly wooden tissue boxes with this cover.

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  1. Amazing design!! Check out the wide range of Storage Ottomans from Spacify.com

  2. I want more crafties!:D
    Ik vind het zo leuk dat je zulke dingen post! Blijf verder schrijven ;)

    gladys x

  3. op één of andere gekke manier ben ik heel lang niet op je blog geweest. wat raar! :O

    in ieder geval vind ik deze post heel leuk. houd echt van inrichting enzo. bedankt voor de inspiratie :)

    nu ga ik de posts hier onder even lezen... ;)

  4. Aaah, ik zou wel zo'n badkamer willen als op foto 1! ^^
    Dankje voor je reactie trouwens!
    Haha, ik moet ook nog even zien hoelang ik het ga volhouden ;D

  5. I covet that bathroom! Thank you for the comment and the compliment and the same to you.

  6. I like the flowers a lot!..
    and you blog to.


  7. Wauw, die badkamer is zo zalig! :) x