zondag 17 mei 2009

bright eyes


I promised you to post a picture of my new shoes so here there are

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday!
Me and my family were quite busy, because the truck with all our furniture from Belgium came today! Thursday 4th of April we're definately moving into our new house. I still have to pack boxes with all my stuff that I kept here, where we're living now. But I'll do that another weekend I think.
Have a good start of the week! x

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I haven't been reading your previous posts, but where exactly did you move to? Ha, I wish I could leave Belgium too!

    Your shoes are adorable btw, where did you get them?

  2. Lovely shoes!
    Good luck with moving out:)

  3. Oh that's amazing! I'd happily exchange Belgium for any warmer climate, and Spain sounds just about perfect! :) do you enjoy living there?

    Carrefour haha, really! I didn't know they selled shoes there :D

  4. ah I'm sorry to hear the change didn't went as smooth as you'd hope to. I definitely understand the difficulty when it comes to making new friends; especially in another language and country! what language did you speak in Belgium? because I keep on typing English, which would be a bit silly if you're Dutch - like me! :D

  5. hahaha oke :D kheb ook al vaak een engelse reactie op een nederlandstalige blog willen zetten, precies dat zodra ik blogs begin te lezen m'n brein overschakelt naar engels :p en dan moet je dat vertalen naar't nederlands en klinkt het zo vreemd lol x