vrijdag 15 mei 2009

spring grass is greener than you think

Hi guys!
Ah, what a boring day. I can't say I like school but I can't say I dislike it neither. I feel a bit, you know, put on a 'waiting list'. Our cours is almost finished -well, end of June, but that's not so long isn't it- and after summer I'll get started with Batxillerat (5th and 6th year of secondary school) and I'm quite interested in how it would be. But people have to wait, and so do I.

This afternoon we went to Tarragona, quite a big city at about 60 kilometers from our village, to go shopping for my brother and my father. I bought a sporty pair of 3/4 trousers in black, and -guess what- a hoola-hoop! When I saw it in the shop I remembered that good old times when I was young, and hoola-hooping all the time. Why not pick it up again? It's fun, you know ;)
I also found a cool pair of shoes, similar to Victoria's, do you know them? I already have a pair of real Victoria's, in green. But these were 'fake' if I may say that, but what's wrong with that xD
Tomorrow I'll post a picture of them, because I haven't had any time tonight.

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