zondag 24 mei 2009

Hi guys!

Today the weather was very good, like it is most of the days. I went in our swimming pool for the first time but it was still a bit cold. 23 degrees is not very pleasant to swim in but... okay. I think 25 degrees would be perfect! And I want to swim every day at least a few lengths because it's good for my physical condition.

Imagine you had one like this!

The clock is ticking and we're almost moving to our new house! I still haven't packed those boxes with my stuff, I'm a bit lazy at the weekends and in the week I haven't got any time normally.
I made a little list of things I need for my new room, such as a big standing lamp, a desk or just a table perhaps, and some decoration, but not too much. I can always make some by myself (like you know I'm fond of DIY crafties so...)!
Maybe I'll post some more this week, but I can't promise anything.

Have a nice week!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. you are so lucky to have a pool, its been pretty hot here today, finally haha and that pool is beyond amazing!

  2. Lucky you, having a pool, Im so jealous ;)

  3. Living in England means a pool and warm weather are something I dream of!

  4. Ja je moet dat zeker op jou agenda kleven, het zou nog beter zijn als je zelf het model zijt in de foto en zo funny doen hehe :p

  5. Oh is dat niet keileuk om eens te verhuizen: je nieuwe kamer inrichten enz! :)