zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Creepy weblog

Creepy weblog. Some of my pictures are dissapearing; I don't know why.
I tried to upload them again but it doesn't work. So it's possible that you guys don't see a part of my photos, that's a pity.

Today I'm not going to upload some more photos, to prevent them from dissapearing once more.
It's like half a hurricane here in the North of Spain. I guess the palmtrees in our garden won't survive it any longer. The sunshine tries to break trough sometimes and the weather isn't bad at all.
Tonight we have some visitors, like I already told you yesterday and I guess I have to entertain those kids. I haven't got any idea how to do that, actually. But I have still a few hours to think about it. I still haven't taken outfit-pictures.

Oh, the oven says my lasagna is ready!

my pictures are back! I've made a few outfit-pics this afternoon, but I'm not so proud of it. Maybe I'll upload them someday, but not today. I'll leave you with a photo I made in Paris last year.
(oh yeah, the half a hurricane is becoming a real hurricane, as I can see. Ehm, let's hope we'll survive :)

the quality of this picture is much lower than it used to be. [blogspot quality sucks]

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