woensdag 28 januari 2009

barcelona barcelona

Yesterday I didn't post anything because I was home at 9 pm, later than expected (I wrote that I was going to be home at 8.30 pm). The excursion to Barcelona wasn't bad at all. It was fun, really. After a 2-hour trip in the bus, we arrived at TV3. When we entered the building, we had to pass our bagage to be sure there was nothing 'dangerous' in it. Of course there wasn't, I'm a good girl hea. We didn't even get a little tour in the building, that was what I expected we were going to do there, but we had to go immediately to the studios. The programme we were going to attend was 'Club', a mix of talkshow-short pieces of local news-a special guest-some cooking-etc.
One episode is of 2 hours' duration and that's quite long, as you have to sit there quietly, in total silence. But we all went on TV, so everybody's happy :)
It was 'live', so my mum and dad recorded the episode for me. Actually, I hate seeing myself on TV or anywhere else in public, and they know that. I suppose they were having fun looking at their daughter themselves.
Because of all this, I'm very tired today. I wasn't able to functionate well at school.

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  1. haha ja het is nogal irritant ;D maarja , misschien ooit een dag dat wij beroemd worden ;'] omg i looooooooooooove barcelona! en spanje :] ik ga daar elk jaar op reis , en gij woont daar gwn wtf joenge :'D zaaalig, dankjewel voor de reactie trouwens :] xx