zaterdag 31 januari 2009

weekend feelings

2 days of being free from school and all the stress. Well, if you don't have to learn anything for school. For Monday there's nothing planned and Tuesday I've got a test for French. I'm good at it, so it won't be difficult. I'm busy this week searching for images of 'bedroom design', like pictures of bedrooms that are decored beautifully and so on. I like looking at them but I also need them as a form of inspiration, when we will move to our new house (it won't take a long anymore) and I will get a new room. So, my new bedroom has to look pretty. That's why I'm looking for inspirational pic's and I enjoy it :)
Already found some nice one's:

search: Getty Images
This are just some nice images and of course I'm going to give my room my own 'touch'. (some of these pictures aren't even the style that my bedroom will be, but...)
Enjoy your weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. schattig, heel meisjesachtig :]
    ja ik koop veel in tweedehandswinkels, meestal in antwerpen, think twice (T2), episode, en de tweedehandsshops in de nationalestraat, moest je dat kennen. Ik ga soms ook naar de kringloopwinkel in duffel( daar woon ik) xxx

  2. thanks for stopping by at my blog! the rooms look lovely and very cute, im sure they will inspire you to make your new room look fantastic!


  3. ik doe morgen het top/kleedje aan dus waarschijnlijk krijg je het morgen of overmorgen te zien :] ik zet zo kei veel reacties op andere blogs , dan krijgt ge er trug ( tip van irene [': ) xx