donderdag 22 januari 2009

A Wardrobe Full Of Hairdressers

Me and my wardrobe are in need of some new stuff! And this time it's not only because I want to buy new clothes,no. I really have grown out of my trousers, cardigans and t-shirts. Even my underwear is getting too small. God, how could this ever happen to me. I really haven't thought of the idea that all my clothes are too small when I was picking something out of my wardrobe. You can all say: 'Go and buy some new things', but it isn't that easy if you're living in a creepy little town named L'Ampolla (ever heard about that? Don't think so hea) and for a day of lovely shopping, this isn't the right place. Except some butchers, bakeries and supermarkets you can't spend your day shopping here. Sooo, the only solution is going to a bigger town. Tarragona or Reus are two possibilities, although I have visited Reus a few weeks ago and I didn't find what I was looking for. I've been to Tarragona only once, so maybe I'll go again for some sightseeing, that's all. Why? The number of shops there is also kinda poor.
Barcelona, that's a place where you can do what your heart belongs. For its shops only you will need 3 days, a little bit of wandering dawn the beautiful streets another few days...actually you are spending a whole week there. Why can't I just be there at this moment?! I'm sooo excited to go to Barcelona again. Already visited it 2 times but still not enough I guess.

I've been thinking of changing my hairstyle once more :)
I don't like it anymore and all days are badhairdays. Actually, it's more a badhairmonth-year-century...
Ehm, anyway, there has to be done something about it. Turning back to my former hairdo was my first thought. I'm still considering about it
, although my mum keeps saying that it does my face look thicker and blahblah...
Dad asked me if I want to cut his hair tonight. He makes me feel like I'm a professional hairdresser with those questions, but I'm sure I'm not. It seems that he likes the way I cut it, it's the 3rd time he askes me. So, he might be happy with the result. Tonight I haven't got enough time anymore, so it'll be for tomorrow. I would like to post some pictures of my outfits, but I haven't made any yet.
Tomorrow a new post!


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  1. You write very nice! :D
    And btw how did you make the header? I want to have a header too!