zondag 1 februari 2009

lazy Sunday

I was a bit bored yesterday evening so that I made a few pictures. Lazy Sunday Outfit pictures. They seemed quite OK, but when I saw them on my computer this afternoon, they weren't so stunning as before xD. Conclusion: not presentable. Even the quality is bad, because the ceiling lamp in my room doesn't give a pretty effect on my photos, when I make them in the evening. Pictures look better at daytime. I also put on some thights that I found in our old house, they were from my mum and about 20 years old. Nice and vintage, I think :) Loads of black one's, but I'm in love with the red one. He fits well and looks great with my little jean skirt. Although, my jean skirt has to be replaced too, like all my clothes. I still haven't got the time to go shopping, and I really have to.

This morning my mother told me that I wasn't allowed to go on the computer for the whole day.
Ohmygod, that was going to be difficult. The reason was that I never help her in the household, like doing the dishes, cleaning the dining table, sweeping my room and so on. I know I never do that much to help her, but she claims that I do really nothing. And she's so wrong in that. So, as I had nothing usefull to do this day, I started doing the dishes in the kitchen, I sweeped my room (that was actually quite necessary
) and I did a bit of ironing. I know she was still angry on me, but I asked her if I still couldn't go on the computer for a while, I wanted to update my weblog you know ;p
'No', was her answer, quite clear I thought. After a while (2 hours ago exactely) I asked her again and this time it was a clear 'Yes'. Yessss, okay task done. I'm sitting behind my laptop now for half an hour. This whole story seems like I'm a total computerfreak, but I'm not. I just have the feeling that my day isn't complete without some time spending on my laptop. So, I'm happy now. I also wan
ted to upload the photos I made yesterday, like I told you before^.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. nice blog! thank you for putting me on your lovely blog list!
    zoe xo

  2. oooh the tights! I have got the same book :] xx

  3. I can relate; I am a total computerfreak too, and sometimes my parents get mad at me. :]
    Love the red tights!


    P.S. And thank you so much for visiting my blog and adding me to your blogroll! I appreciate it very much :)

  4. I also just can't end my day well without spending some time with my computer;D When I realized it I felt really confused, because it's a little bit freaky, isn't it?;D

  5. Hey, if I had a laptop I would probobly be aproching a mad addiction, so don't feel bad. My moms like that too but I actually enjoy cleaning =P
    Nice pictures btw!

  6. Dankje voor je reactie!
    haha dat boek heb ik ook gelezen;p,
    leuke blog! mooie foto's heb je ook