vrijdag 20 februari 2009

crafties part #2

I'm so excited! I discovered another part of making crafties. The more useful ones, the bigger ones.
I found some (actually a lot) cool tutorials and how-to's for making purses, little cosmetic and ipod baggies, etc.
They are all so nice, I want to make them immediately! But, still my problem, I can't sew yet xD
I'm going to ask my grandma to teach me because she is very good in it. Hopefully she will find the time to teach me some basics, and the rest will come later I suppose.
I feel like I'm totally obsessed with DIY crafties and all that stuff. My best friend and I are going to make our own wallet out of vintage fabric, or that's our intention. She has got a sewing machine at home, and I don't [yet] so we can try and find out what's possible. I already have a few usable tutorials that we can use, we only have to pick out the best one and get started.

Reus, Spain - coulour editing by me

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Your BF can't wait for you to come to mee and to make some nice stuff


  2. Så spennende! Må ligge ut bilder når du er kommet igang, lykke til!:)

  3. Hahhahaha, sorry! I saw you commented on a norwegian blog, but forgot that both you and the blogger wrote in english :P I meant,so exciting! And you should definetly post a picture when you get started!:) Good luck, and have a lovely weekend!:)