zaterdag 21 februari 2009

Okay, my post about Amélie wasn't that successful nor interesting for all of you, except those who really love the film. So I don't want to waste your time; here's a new piece of blog-art:

I just discovered an e-shop called with some weird but original handmade stuff. Just have a look (:

Outfit pictures of the dayI don't know why blogspot always gives my photos a bad quality, but if you click on the pictures they will look better, I suppose ;)

11 opmerkingen:

  1. dankjewel! :] ja blogspot maakt de kwaliteit van mijn foto's ook slecht, dat is echt lastig ;o

  2. dankjewel,
    ja maar ik denk dat je altijd wordt aangenomen, ik heb nog niemand gekent die afgewezen is. je moet gewoon je blog er bij zetten ofzoiets

  3. Wow, the headbands on this site are all so gorgeous. Wow! Too bad they are very expensive.

    Your boots are so cool! The colour is so funky!


  4. OMG! You're so cute!!! Do you need help making a new layout/header? Let me know, it's sort of my field of expertise! :)

  5. the boots. it's lovely. nice blog anyway.


  6. Hello. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.
    Like your outfit. I'm thinkink about adopting some parts of it to my own outfits. I agree with you on the blogspot photos quality and that's why I'll submit first my photos on photobucket and then put the codes on my posts. I think my photos will be bigger and more detailed. *

  7. Bij mij worden ook alle foto's minder die ik er bij blogspot op zet, maarach.
    Ik ga even de rest van je blog bekijken