woensdag 18 februari 2009

Flowers with beautiful faces, all staring back at me...

Me, my brother and my mum went to the village today to make some pictures of the sea, the mountains ánd almondtrees (which we didn't find by the way). When we're going to school we always see so many almondtrees and I thought, we could go and take pictures of it, because it's sooo beautiful. But we went in another direction; my mum thought there would be more almondtrees there, but unfortunately she was wrong. We saw a few trees standing lonely between loads of olivetrees, but I wanted to picture a field full of it!
I've made some other very nice photographs but the batery of my camera is too low to upload them now.

I just read on the internet that Miss Sporty released their new nail polish collection, named Nail Expert Manicure. Cement Nail Repair is perfect for people with damaged nails; if you want your nails to grow faster, try Nutri Growth and they even thought of those who bite their nails:Nail Rescue Coach is full of vitamines and nutrients and its bitter taste prevents biting your nails again. For me, that last one would be useful, so I'm going to buy that one I think.
And not to forget: they only cost €2,99!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hopelijk vind je volgende x een plek vol met van die bomen ! : D

  2. oh wauw - die nagelak heb ik ook nodig :$
    en ben nieuwsgierig naar de foto's!