maandag 9 februari 2009

topshop and a cute cat

Hii guys!
I was looking around again on the Topshop site and I discovered some new cool things.
It's like they update their collection every week xD

I've also seen on the site that there's a Topshop in Barcelona, I didn't know that ö
So when I'm going sometime, I'll definately visit it!

I also made pictures of a supercute cat that comes over every week. My mum and I (animal lovers as we are) give her some food when she comes and she's really cute! She's always meowing but we know she's happy, so it's not because she's sad or something.

Oh yeah, when I've got all the material for making the felt toast, strawberries and the other fabric thingies I showed you before, I'll start knitting and of course I'll post some photos of the results!(if they are representable xD) But it can take a while before I start making those things.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. ive been to the topshop in barcelona! cute cat :)

  2. oh isn't topshop amazing? here in the uk we take it for granted. which we shouldn't, we should marvel at its amazingness!
    that cat is adorable :)

  3. De flower top is koel!
    Dankje voor je reactie op m'n blog, jouwes is ook echt mooi!
    Maar je woont dus in Spanje?
    Vroeger wel in nederland gewoond dus?

  4. umm its quite big, it was a while ago so i cant remember it exactly,

  5. i looooooooooove the flowerdress!
    waar is die topshop? ^^