maandag 2 februari 2009

we want vintage!

Like you guys know, I really enjoy your blogs, especially if they're about fashion-vintage fashion-
Me and my best friend went to Antwerp in December for a shopping-day. The day before, we looked up all the secondhand-and vintageshops we could find there on the internet and wrote the adresse
s on a piece of paper, so we made all our plans. In the Nationalestraat, you can find the most vintage stores and I liked 'Sussie's Stocksale' and 'Jutka & Riska' the most. We looked around but didn't exactely find what we were looking for. Another lovely vintage shop is called 'Episode'. I'm so in love with that shop! You can find all kinds of vintage stuff. From cute granny dresses [of course they won't look like your granny wore them] to belts and loads of retro-looking boots. There's where I also bought mine. Grey boots that fit perfectly on my skinny jeans, tights and skirts. I'm sure you now know good enough how much I like vintage, isn't it?
Good. Yesterday I had this idea to put some objects together and create a 'strange' composition to make the picture look cool. Here's the result [it isn't as special as I wanted] :

book-pretty little liars 3. nailpolish-chinese bazar. hairclip-chinese bazar. lipgloss phonethingy-glamour.

I'm so busy with blogging that I don't even remark my messenger conversations who are bleeping xD.
I still have to learn French and have a look at my English project!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. antwerpeeeeeeeenn (l)
    ik besef nu pas hoe een gelukzak ik ben da ik daar elke dag mag zijn :] ( correctie: moet zijn)

  2. I love vintage stuff too, it's just something magical.
    Maybe you'll be able to show your retro boots, because I adore shoes?:)
    By the way, that thing with Barbie shoes looks nice:)

  3. Ik ben onlangs met school in gent geweest, het designmuseum en daarna het vleeshuis en die ene burcht dingens, en even in de winkelstraat maar gent sprak me eerlijk gezegt niet zo aan [': geef mij antwerpen dan maar xxx

  4. aargh :'D die vraag kan ik niet beantwoorden sorry [';

  5. heey
    mooie foto's en spulletjes! en leuke blog :D