maandag 23 februari 2009

oh summer, come into my world

I thought I could lie in my bed for the whole day, because I don't have to go to school today, but unfortunately my parents woke me up at 10.20h. With their stupid morning rule: if you don't get up in 1 minute, no computer for the whole day. But I have to admit, everytime I hear thát, I immediately get out of bed. On my father's suggestion, we went to a tiny village called Xerta, near the mountains and with stunning views! What seemed to be a uninteresting day, really became fun! Click for better qualityI thought this one was so beautiful, so I edited the colours a little bit (;
these were h-u-g-e !
I've made too much pictures photos to upload them all (:
Hope you have a good week!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Gosh, those views are GLORIOUS, they made me feel good, thanks!;D
    I really like colours in first picture!:) And it seems to me that You've learnt how to do that effect when the flower is sharp and the rest part of picture is a bit more faded?..

  2. Oh WAUW! echt hele mooie foto's. En prachtige omgeving..

  3. ik ben echt verliefd op de eerste foto!
    en de rest is ook mooi natuurlijk :] xx

  4. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's! Vooral de eerste is echt fantastisch:)