vrijdag 6 februari 2009

Dior editor

Everyone knows the campaign that Dior made for their perfume 'J'adore'.
J'adore Dior is too famous to talk about again, so I'm not going to fill my blog post with that.
I thought this picture by another Dior campaign was more special;

Today school ended, like all Fridays, at 2 'o clock am. So I'm home for a while. So far so good, but I'm a little bit bored yet. And I feel tired. And I don't know what to write today. Even yesterday I didn't post anything. No inspiration. I hope it will return, because otherwhise my blog won't be very interesting anymore. But don't worry, and keep reading my blog! You visitors keep this blog alive!! I want to thank you all for your sweet comments and for those who haven't post any comment yet, be sure I will comment you back [we secretly all l-o-v-e that].
There is also nothing to say or to show about my latest purchases, because there aren't any xD.
I really want to go to Barcelona, and quickly! It's just 2 hours from here, so I would be there pretty fast. I want my best friend to be here, so we could go to Barcelona or somewhere else, but all of my good friends are living in Belgium, what's normal, and I'm living here in Spain. So I sometimes feel like I'm alone here, but I know they are all there for me when I need them. Maybe we're going to Belgium in April, when it's holiday, but for me just one week and in Belgium they have 2 weeks; it's so unfair.
It all depends of if we have bought a house yet, then we probably have to go to Belgium, to arrange everything and to pick up some things, etc.
And if not, I would really like a friend to come, maybe my best friend will, if she isn't on holiday, or my niece, Eline. I'm hoping for that ;D

Ok, Tomorrow morning we will probably have breakfast in a little bakery in Amposta so I have to get a little earlier than I'm used to on Saturdays :(
And as I am tired for the whole week, I probably have to go to sleep early this evening, and this time I really have to.

MusicTip: Lily Allen-Kabul S**t

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Zowieee; I want to go shopping with you sometimee


  2. your school ends so much earlier than mine! and thats cool that you live quite near to barcelona! and that you live in spain.
    your so lucky, is the weather still good there?

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